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Ring avulsion injuries are scary and, in many cases, you can lose your finger.

Since having appeared on the market, silicone wedding rings have become the go-to alternative for many. What makes them so attractive is the level of comfort they provide, their durability, as well as their heat resistance. In job environments that require men and women to work with their hands, silicone wedding rings can prevent ring-related injuries.

They’re used by men and women in many professions, including:

  1. pro athletes
  2. mechanics
  3. medical personnel
  4. construction workers
  5. firefighters
  6. and, many more…

Since the rings stretch, are heat resistant, and non-conductive, they afford the wearer protection beyond that of any traditional wedding ring. Also, since your traditional wedding ring has so much emotional and sentimental value, it’s irreplaceable. Silicone wedding rings give you peace of mind known that your wedding ring is safe from harm.

Aside from injury, silicone wedding rings provide comfort for a variety of cases. Made from medical-grade silicone, it gives the rings a stretchy quality that won’t put strain on the wearer. Also, since it’s made from medical-grade silicone, they are safe to wear by health professionals who wear gloves for most of the day.

But, aside from safety and comfort, what else is it good for?

Silicone wedding rings are a firm favourite among pro athletes and men and women with on-the-go, active lifestyles. THey’re loved by:

  1. rugby players
  2. surfers
  3. motorcyclists
  4. cyclists
  5. weightlifters
  6. boxers
  7. hikers
  8. adventure sport enthusiasts
  9. and many more…

For the men and women who thrive on the thrill of adventure, the comfort and durability of a silicone wedding ring afford them are beyond anything else on the market.

And, since our silicone wedding rings come in a variety of sizes, let’s you conquer work and the great outdoors in style, comfort, and safety while still showing your commitment. They come in a variety of colours, too.

Find your next silicone wedding ring in our online store.

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