Why Choose Atom Silicone Rings?

Ring avulsion injuries are scary and, in many cases, you can lose your finger.

Since having appeared on the market, silicone wedding rings have become the go-to alternative for many. What makes them so attractive is the level of comfort they provide, their durability, as well as their heat resistance. In job environments that require men and women to work with their hands, silicone wedding rings can prevent ring-related injuries.

They’re used by men and women in many professions, including:

  1. pro athletes
  2. mechanics
  3. medical personnel
  4. construction workers
  5. firefighters
  6. and, many more…

Since the rings stretch, are heat resistant, and non-conductive, they afford the wearer protection beyond that of any traditional wedding ring. Also, since your traditional wedding ring has so much emotional and sentimental value, it’s irreplaceable. Silicone wedding rings give you peace of mind known that your wedding ring is safe from harm.

Aside from injury, silicone wedding rings provide comfort for a variety of cases. Made from medical-grade silicone, it gives the rings a stretchy quality that won’t put strain on the wearer. Also, since it’s made from medical-grade silicone, they are safe to wear by health professionals who wear gloves for most of the day.

But, aside from safety and comfort, what else is it good for?

Silicone wedding rings are a firm favourite among pro athletes and men and women with on-the-go, active lifestyles. THey’re loved by:

  1. rugby players
  2. surfers
  3. motorcyclists
  4. cyclists
  5. weightlifters
  6. boxers
  7. hikers
  8. adventure sport enthusiasts
  9. and many more…

For the men and women who thrive on the thrill of adventure, the comfort and durability of a silicone wedding ring afford them are beyond anything else on the market.

And, since our silicone wedding rings come in a variety of sizes, let’s you conquer work and the great outdoors in style, comfort, and safety while still showing your commitment. They come in a variety of colours, too.

Find your next silicone wedding ring in our online store.

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Atom Silicone Rings

Atom Silicone rings is the latest fashion icon for 2018. Their flexible, comfortable yet stylish fit comes in various shapes and sizes that are suited for all. Gone are the days of spending your savings just to make a statement.

Atom Silicone Rings are currently used as wedding or promise rings. Although, we understand that everyone’s ring journey is personal and unique.

Their versatility from the ring to its uses is unlimited. Our rings offer many positive benefits and attributions that are seen through the following:


As Atom is a South African brand, we are aware of the potential dangers/criminal offences within our country. Whether you’re driving around, walking the streets or even leaving your valuables in a secure home. We understand that there is always at risk when it comes to your valuables. Our rings offer a piece of mind as they are affordable to replace. They provide a fashion statement, without attracting unwanted attention. If your Atom ring perhaps gets stolen, our online store is open 24.7.

Another safety feature of our rings is if one is swallowed by a child, there will be no internal harm. The ring will pass with ease.

Unfortunately for some of us, our skin is allergic to alloys in metal rings. They cause rashes that are uncomfortable that can possibly lead to infection. Atom Silicone Rings are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ensuring that rashes and infections are never a possibility.


Our silicone rings are designed to fit each individual’s finger like a glove. Our range consists of many shapes and sizes, allowing people to personalize their choice. Our site has a free ring sizer, allowing you to choose the best fit for you.

Atom Silicone rings is fitted so well that you don’t even know they are there. From a Doctor in medical gloves to a personal trainer at the gym, our rings never get in the way of your daily activities or passions.

Atom Silicon rings are 100% nonconductive, as opposed to metal rings, making it safe for people working with electricity. They are also able to withstand extreme temperatures, making our rings a great fit for people who work with high temperatures. Atom silicone rings are suited for anyone, doing anything.  They allow you to go by your day without having to stress about your rings getting damaged or lost.


Rings are in the shape of a circle. A circle has no beginning or end, and is therefore seen as a symbol of infinity. The circle being eternal and endless, just like the feeling of love. Our rings symbolize love in a unique, yet trendy way. Our inexpensive product can be replaced easily if lost or stolen, cancelling Atom silicone rings out your heart break list. Our rings are a part of a journey. The soft and flexible material is a representation of love and security within a relationship.

If love is not what you wish to represent, the symbolic nature of our rings is only limited to our buyer’s imagination. Get creative, style and symbolize to your satisfaction.


When we say our rings fit like a glove – we weren’t joking. Our rings fit so well it doesn’t even feel like it’s there, but once you start wearing them, you will never want to take it off. Atom silicone rings become a part of you – creating an undeniable comfort and connection that cannot be broken, literally!


The silicone rubber structure of our rings ensures that they will never break.

In or out of the water and chemicals, they maintain their shape and colour, allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting fashion accessory. Our rings withstand any heat or pressure, enhancing the security of your purchase.

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